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Oven Cleaning

Need a professional Oven Cleaning performed in Croydon? Then look no further because our company is here to provide you with excellent results, and affordable prices, and leave your appliance spotless.

Our team is experienced, fully trained, knowledgeable, and equipped with modern machines and powerful detergents. They have been in the industry for over a decade which makes them more than capable of dealing with even the most challenging situations. No matter the size or condition of your oven, our team will be able to make it look brand new and remove all impurities, build-up, grease, stains, and burnt food. And the best part is that they will do it in just one visit!

What If You Are Moving Out?

Since we specialize in End of Tenancy Cleaning, and we know how exhausted you are just from the thought of the final inspection you have to pass, we have a few additional services for the moving out cleaning that you can schedule for your peace of mind, one of which is an Oven Cleaning.

How Do We Perform Our Oven Cleaning?

This service is a one-of-a-kind thorough cleaning that will ensure all impurities are removed, even the most stubborn stains and burnt food will be lifted by our trained team and their modern cleaning supplies.

First thing we will do is disassemble all removable parts so that they can be cleaned separately. We will soak them in a dip tank filled with hot water and detergent in order to lift off the debris and stains.

While these parts are soaking, we will cover the interior and exterior of the appliance as well as take the glass door apart so we can properly clean the glass with our detergents. The products that we use are very powerful yet gentle and free of harmful ingredients.

Once everything is left spotless and is ready, we will assemble the appliance – and only then is the service complete.

Contact Us Any Day Of The Week

Did you know that our company works throughout the entire week? This means that we are available even during the weekends and on official holidays. This means that you can dial 07418 354 434 and give us a call whenever you have some free time. We will discuss your requirements, needs, and demands as well as provide you with a FREE quotation. And if you do combine our End of Tenancy Cleaning with our Oven Cleaning, you will receive a discount that will lower the final price and will save you a ton of money!

The starting price of a single oven cleaning is £49 while the starting price for a double oven clean is £69. Of course, the cost depends on the size and condition of the appliance which is why we recommend you give us a call and discuss the state of your oven with our customer service agents – they will immediately calculate an exact price for you based on the description!